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Welcome to Perfect Paintin! Experience creativity and innovation with our high-quality paints and finishes. Let our skilled team guide you in selecting colors and applying unique techniques to transform your living spaces. Achieve a home that reflects your style and personality, with a focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction. Unleash your imagination with Perfect Paintin!

Welcome to Habib and Ahmed's Website - your skilled painter and decorator in Southampton. With over 5 years of experience, Habib's attention to detail is unmatched. Expect exceptional results for your interior or exterior projects. Contact him today for a personalized quote.

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With Perfect Paintin & Decorating you can be assured it will be money well spent.

Because excellence endures and counts. You can rely on Perfect Paintin & Decorating to uphold the highest standards. Whether it's your house, your business, your school, or your church, every project is unique to us. Decorating and painting are investments in the future.

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Transforming Spaces, Inspiring Lives.

Wall Painting

Transform your space with our expert wall painting services. From vibrant accent walls to elegant textures, we bring creativity and precision to every brushstroke.

Normal Painting

Enhance the beauty of your interiors with our meticulous normal painting services. Our skilled team ensures flawless finishes and long-lasting results for a refreshed and polished look.

New Makeover

Experience a fresh start with our new makeover services. Revitalize your space with a blend of colors, textures, and designs that reflect your style, creating an ambiance that inspires.

Wall Paper

Add elegance and personality to your walls with our premium wallpaper installation services. Choose from a wide range of patterns and styles to create a statement that transforms your space.

House Painting

Give your home a stunning makeover with our comprehensive house painting services. From exterior facades to interior rooms, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship and tailored solutions.

Door Painting

Upgrade the appearance of your doors with our professional door painting services. From sleek and modern finishes to classic and timeless styles, we provide expert craftsmanship for striking results.

Window Painting

Enhance the charm of your windows with our expert window painting services. Our meticulous attention to detail and quality finishes bring character and beauty to your windows, inside and out.

Radiator Painting

Revive your radiators with our specialized radiator painting services. We offer heat-resistant coatings and expert techniques to ensure a flawless finish, rejuvenating your radiators while protecting them from wear and tear.

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We guarantee to:

  • Provide a detailed specification prior to starting with no hidden extras.

  • Use materials best matched to your needs.

  • Regularly update you on the progress of the job.

  • Take no payment until completion unless agreed in the original terms.

  • Fully protect your furnishings and leave your house spotless.

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Hints and Tips

Common Problems and Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to help whether you are planning to carry out your own works or would like us to provide a professional solution.

Blistering of Paint on Plaster

May occur if solvent-based paints are overcoated with an emulsion paint in an area that suffers from condensation. It may be that the paint was applied in damp conditions. Scrape back to a firm edge all loose paint. Lightly sand the surface. Spot prime bare areas with a Primer Sealer, and use an Acrylic Eggshell for painting.

Condensation Control

The amount of water vapour that air can hold is limited. When this limit is reached the air is said to be saturated. Most condensation in buildings is caused by warm moist air coming in contact with cooler surfaces.Condensation is best prevented or controlled by providing good ventilation. Heating combined with good ventilation will reduce the problem.

Cracks in Plaster

The development of small cracks on inside plaster walls and ceilings is not unusual and is normally the result of drying out (in the case of new houses) or movement of the building. Large cracks that appear to be getting wider should be investigated by a building surveyor.

Dampness in Walls

Where damp is a problem it may be due to a defective or missing DPC, broken or defective rainwater pipes and gutters, defective pointing in brickwork, unsuitable cladding, solid wall construction or other general building defects. The source of the dampness should be found and cured. The surface must be allowed to completely dry before painting. A shellac based sealer can then be applied prior to overpainting in the finish required.

Microporous Paints

The term "microporous" is often applied to specialist paints and stains for exterior wood: to describe a coating that acts as a barrier to liquid water, but allows water vapour to pass through. It is not correct to imply that coatings can be made so that moisture vapour can only travel through them in one direction. This is a complex subject - send us an email using our contact form and we will be happy to provide you with information.


Efflorescence is caused by the crystallisation of salts found in building materials such as bricks. Remove fluffy efflorescence deposits with a coarse hessian sacking. Repeat the process every few days until no more appears. It is best not to use solvent based paints on new buildings for at least a year, as the substrate must be dry in depth.

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